Yuuki Kei

Full: Kei Yuuki
Japanese: 結城蛍, Yūki Kei
Type: Human Character
Spellings: Yūki, Yuki, Yuuki, Yuuki- kunKun, (君 or くん) is an informal honorific placed at the end of a name. This is generally used when addressing younger males.

Manga Notes:
Sawaki's childhood friend. A sake brewer's son. (Ch 01) Hates Hiochi to death. (Ch 05) Has bad memories of Hiochi bacteria. (Ch 06) He is being influenced by graduate student Hasegawa. (Ch 07) He is slowly becoming Hasegawa's underling. (Ch 09) Because of Sawaki, he has to go through terrible experiences. (Ch 10)

Story Detail:
Yuuki is Sawaki Tadayasu's childhood friend. They grew up together in the same village and their parents relied on each other for business purposes as well. His parents run a sake brewery in their home town and use the yeast from the Sawaki shop.

Yuuki attends the university with Sawaki and later in the story decides to take a leave of absence. Sawaki does not understand what is going on with Yuuki until he discovers his secret, that Yuuki is gender dysphoricA controversial condition where an individual is not content with their birth gender.. He also expresses deeper feelings towards Sawaki than are first apparent.

More Information:
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga. Yuuki is a transvestite in addition to his gender dysphoric feelings. Both these attitudes/actions can be seen, not so much as a homosexual tendencies, but as a dissatisfaction with what he is told he must be and what he must do with his life. This is a very fundamental adolescent rebellion in a very controversial guise. Yuuki's transvestite dress of choice is a popular style in Japan called Gothic Lolita.

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