Full: s-ken
Japanese: s-ケン, s-ken
Type: Children's Game

More Information:
A children's game that revolves around hopping on one foot. An "S" shape is drawn on the ground in the center of the play area. Children divide into two teams. A treasure or prize is determined and the teams must try and get to the object by hopping on one foot. They can only enter or exit the "S" through the entrances located at the "S" openings. Anyone who lands on both feet is "out" of the game. Anyone who is "out" must wait until the game ends in order to play again. Once someone is able to get the prize object and return to their teams position the game is over and their team wins.

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Diagram of S-Ken Game The Microbe S-Ken Game

Manga Chapter 02, The Ability
Anime Episode 01, Epic Agricultural Microbes Story
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