Full: Moyashimon, Tales of Agriculture
Japanese: もやしもん, Moyashimon
Translation: Sprouts or Bean Sprouts

This series is written and illustrated by Masayuki Ishikawa, first released by publisher Kodansha in the monthly manga Evening (イブニング). Currently there is no English release of the manga or anime work. There is information that Del Rey Manga picked up the licensing in 2008 and may be publishing it for North America at some future date. The manga series was released in August 2004 and the anime run was aired October 12, 2007 by Fuji TV. The manga won the 2008 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for Grand Prize and the 2008 Kodansha Manga Award for general manga. More on the manga and anime series can be viewed under Manga and Anime.

As of 2010 there has also been the debut of a live action television version of Moyashimon also via Fuji TV. The series stars Nakamura Yuichi as
 Sawaki Tadayasu and the first air date was July 8, 2010. More on the series can be viewed under Television

This series follows a freshman agriculture student Sawaki Tadayasu who can see micro-organisms. He has come to Tokyo to attend his first year at an agricultural university. Although not his preference Sawaki is attending agriculture collage because of his families business, a yeast shop for his village. His childhood friend, Yuuki Kei, is attending the school with him. Yuuki's family runs a Sake brewery in the same town. Since the Yuuki brewery relies heavily on the yeast produced by the Sawaki family, Sawaki and Yuuki grew up together, their families are very close.

The story begins at the orientation on their first day at the university. The drama begins immediately as a Police bulletin is released about a missing student and they meet one of their new professors (Itsuki Keizou Sensei), and a long time friend of Sawaki's grandfather. more on Chapter 01, The University Entrance more on Episode 01, Epic Agricultural Microbes Story more on Show 1, Entering College

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