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5.2011 UPDATES:

8.2010 UPDATES:


  • IT IS HERE! I Have finally gotten my hands on Volume #2. I am sorry my updates have been so few and far between these days. There are lots of microbes to update with this new issue and the story flow is different from the Anime. Ishikawa-sama would like to see REVIEWS of the Manga in English!!! So we are officially starting a Reviews section this summer. Please email if you would like to assist with the reviews.
  • You are now able to Pre-order the Moyasimon Volume #2 at, however it looks like the release date for Volume 2 has been pushed from February 2010 to May 25th 2010 to June 22th 2010.

1.2010 UPDATES:

12.2009 UPDATES:

  • REMOVED Comment section in Fan Art pages because some a$$hole keeps posting porn links. Thanks so much by the way.
  • Removed request for translations on Manga Volume 1. As Dey Rey has released the official translation. Summaries of the chapters can be found in the Manga section.


  • WHOOOHOOO. Del Rey has finally released Moyashimon Volume #1. I have read it cover to cover and the translations are very good. I am pleased to see that they have kept the side notes and have even added a translation notes section, which I will integrate into the entries for each item listed. You can probably pick this up at any retailer that has a manga section. BTW the next volume is not expected until February, which is a bit of a disappointment but we cannot have everything can we.
  • has posted a pre-order for Moyashimon Volume #1 at the this link: Moyashimon, Pre-order. Finally, Del Rey! The release date is September 29, 2009. Please note that it is under the name Moyasimon.

10.2009 UPDATES:

09.2009 UPDATES:

08.2009 UPDATES:

  • Added link to Fan Art, still under construction.
  • Added Manga Notes to all microbes in Volume 1 of the Manga.
  • Added links to all microbes in the Microbe Images directory.
  • Added pages for all microbes in the Anime and Volume 1 of the Manga.
  • Added English song lyrics for Rocket Single, Closing (abridged) version.

06.2009 UPDATES:

04.2009 UPDATES:

03.2009 UPDATES: