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  • I have learned that Ishikawa Masayuki will no longer be continuing the manga series, Moyashimon. Sigh. Such sad news. However, we will bid a grand farewell to a fun and interesting series. The site will remain up and dedicated to Moyashimon readers from the world over. Please remember if you would like to contribute just drop an email!


  • The second season of Moyashimon, Moyashimon Returns has been released. I found Crunchyroll, *SQUEE* an anime video service with numerous anime including Mouashion Season 1 and Season 2. I have updated the Anime page with the titles and will be adding summeries for all the new episodes soon. You can visit Cruncyroll to view the episodes although some may require a membership to view, but for 10$ a month it is a great find.


  • I have contacted several branches of the related companies that publish and produce Moyashimon trying to get information on any established fan club or permission to start one, if none exists. This is proving to be most difficult. I have been redirected several times to different offices and branches with no results. I would like to poll how many readers are interested in an Official Fan Club. Please email me
  • I am still looking for more information on the Author of the series, Ishikawa Masayuki. If anyone knows more details for his biography, please email a link. If you wish to contribute to the entry, please send your information to email.


  • April has come and gone without a hint of news for Moyashimon 3 for a US release. There are no updates or product listings, that I have found, but also no updates as to a new release date. Sorry guys...
  • Looks like Moyashimon 3, under the name Moyasimon, has a tentative release date of April 28th 2011. I will keep you posted for availability. and Anime Castle have it available for pre-order. Barnes and Noble & have it listed, but not in stock although Amazon offers email notification once they have them in.


  • The new television section is up and working. I have put in the details for the first show. You can view the series online at Drama Fever or Hulu. Check it out!
  • It looks like there has been an official release of the Moyashimon series as a live action tv show. This has been added to the listings of available shows on the Drama Fever site. THATS RIGHT. You can view the live action show online, free, at - just type in Moyashimon! We will be adding a new section for the TV series.


For those of you here to see Yuuki Kei (most of you!!!) There is a book at called "Gothic and Lolita". This book, published in English, delves into the Gothic Lolita subculture that is popular in Japan. The book is available in paperback written by Masayuki Yoshinaga and Katsuhiko Ishikawa. Distributed by Phaidon Press the ISBN numbers are as follows: ISBN-10: 0714847852 & ISBN-13: 978-0714847856

Anyone else notice that it is by - Masayuki and Ishikawa? I don't know if this is a random fact or implies our Moyashimon author is moonlighting as two different people for this book.


  • The Fan Art section has been updated with some paper craft microbes. Thanks to the Paperrollies blog for a great design! These awesome cutouts are easy to print, cut and assemble. You can also visit the Paperrollies site for more cutouts.


  • It looks like Kodansha will be releasing, in conjunction with Fuji TV, a "live action" television series of Moyashimon for 2010. There is no concrete detail on the series, other than that it follows the current storyline of a boy who can see microbes.


  • I have been able to purchase a domain name specifically for the site, You will still be able to use the older address, but you should update your bookmarks in case we change servers.


  • A big arigatō gozaimasu (ありがとうございます。) to Marimo-san from Strapya World, in Japan, for helping us find the information for S-ken. Shameless Ad: Check out Strapya World for all kinds of fun Japanese gadgets, zakka, and cell phone charms.


  • TRANSLATORS PLEASE. I have noticed that a large number of visits are from other countries. If you are interested in translating some entries please contact me at and include "Translation" in the subject line.

  • I am planning on making a fan art section in the future. If you have fan art, please let me know if you are interested in contributing. Use the email. Information on submissions and contributions can be found in the FAQ section.

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